1. Start your flight training

Explore the 7 steps of professional flight training

You can be an employed Pilot in as little as 9 months

Your flight training is the first step in becoming a Professional Pilot. Coast offers some of the highest quality training in the world and is recognized with several awards of flight training achievement. We have a strong support system giving you the individualized foundation you need to succeed as you progress to your ultimate goal as an Airline Pilot. With roots deeply imbedded in the industry, we can offer you a job when you graduate our program that can set you up for a lifetime of secured employment. To graduate, you’ll need to meet all of the FAA Part 141 requirements in order to become an Airline Pilot.


  1. What is a Private Pilot Rating?

This is the first Pilot License and most entry level rating a Pilot can receive to be permitted to fly an aircraft by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA). You will be allowed to fly passengers during the day and night, but not in the weather.

  1. How does Coast’s Private Pilot training compare?

Coast prides itself on the quality of training it provides and the focused attention it gives to every individual student. You will be trained by some of the best, most experienced instructors in the world.

  1. How long does it take to get through your PPL training?

Starting from zero time and zero knowledge, with Coasts focused airline training, you can receive your Private Pilot License as quickly as 10 weeks. You’ll combine your ground and flight school during this period accomplishing a minimum of 40 flight hours in the plane.

  1. When will I fly alone for the first time?

Believe it or not, you will be taking off and landing by yourself a few weeks into your flight training. Your first solo occurs around 25 hours of flight with an instructor.

2. Become an employed flight instructor

Get paid to teach while you work towards your 1,500

The FAA has defined 1,500 hours as the minimum needed to be employable by commercial airlines. When you graduate your flight training with Coast, you will have approximately 280 hours of flight time. You’ll need several more hours before you can be employed as an Airline Pilot. Fortunately with Coast, you can get paid to reach the 1,500 hour goal.